10 Interesting Facts for Curious Mind

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1 | The world’s oldest wooden wheel is over 5,000 years old It was found in 2002 about 19 miles south of Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, and is now in the city’s museum. Radiocarbon dating has been used to determine the age of the wheel, which ranges from 5100 to 5350 years. 2 |

10 Unbelievable exciting facts that are true

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Random fun facts take us by surprise in the best possible way. It is unexpected or unusual knowledge from the worlds of science, history, and pop culture that delights and entertains us and everyone with whom we share it. But these fun facts aren’t just fun bits of information that will make you a quiz-answer

10 Amazing facts that will blow your mind!

amazing facts

1 | There is a fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding Black sapote has another irresistible name: fruity chocolate pudding. Native to Central and South America, the fruit tastes like sweet custard with a hint of chocolate, according to Good Morning America. When fully ripe, the taste (and texture) has been described as the exact