Dolphins call each other by names. According to National Geographic, dolphins actually call each other using a unique whistle to distinguish between different members of their pack

A chef's hat has exactly 100 folds.The tall chef's hat is traditionally made with 100 pleats, meaning 100 ways to cook an egg

The use of "OMG" can be traced back to 1917. According to The Atlantic, one of the earliest uses - perhaps the earliest use - of "OMG" appeared in a letter to a then Member of Parliament in the year 1917

Some cats are actually allergic to humans. While this is rare—because people bathe more often than the average animal and don't shed as much fur or skin—according to Popular Science

Most of your brain is made up of fat. According to Psychology today, 60 percent of the human brain is made up of fat

Oranges are not natural fruits. Oranges are a hybrid of tangerines and pomelo, also known as "Chinese grapefruit", and were originally green, not orange

High heels were originally worn by men. In the 10th century, men in Europe adopted the now fashionable choice of heels to make riding horses easier: adding heels to boots made it easier to hold stirrups

Stop signs used to be yellow. In 1922, the American Association of Public Highway Employees met to define a standard design for stop signs, and that's where they chose yellow

New York was briefly called the "New Orange". According to History, when the Dutch captured New York from the English in 1673, they renamed it New Orange in honor of William III of Orange

The bowler hat was invented as a safety measure. The familiar bowler hat may look fashionable, but it started out as a purely practical item - a riding helmet designed to protect riders from branches and other obstacles


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