There is a fruit that tastes like chocolate pudding. Native to Central and South America, the fruit tastes like sweet custard with a hint of chocolate

Drinking too much water can be deadly. When you drink a lot of fluids, you can suffer from water intoxication, or hyponatremia

The highest temperature ever recorded on Earth was 2 billion degrees Kelvin according to Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories

The moon is slowing down the rotation of the Earth. Every hundred years, the moon adds about 1.4 milliseconds to the day

You may be drinking water that is older than the solar system. According to The New York Times, the water on our planet could have formed from ice grains floating in a cosmic cloud 4.6 billion years ago.

Giant squids have the largest eyes of any animal on Earth. Their eyes are 11 inches in diameter. This makes them the largest eyes in the animal kingdom

To keep their distillers out of sight, moonshiners during Prohibition often wore "cow shoes" with blocks of wood attached to the sole to make their footprints resemble those of a cow

Tree rings expand in wet years. According to NASA: thinner rings appear in dry years, and thicker ones mean there was a lot of rainfall

Ethiopia has the highest average temperature of any inhabited place on Earth. Climate data recorded between 1960 and 1966 had an average high of 106 degrees Fahrenheit

Hot water freezes faster than cold water. According to "Mpemba effect" warm containers conduct heat more efficiently, and another that suggests that warm water evaporates faster


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